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Past Exhibitions


April:  Stroke of Genius featuring artists James Austin Murray, Michael Boroniec, Rodger Stevens

March:  Luminance featuring artists Anthony Adcock, Michael Boroniec, Chris Cosnowski, Michelle Doll, Stephanie Hirsch, Jae Yong Kim, David Lyle, Cobi Moules, James Austin Murray, Fahamu Pecou, James Rieck Kerry Simmons, Cayce Zavaglia

February:  Jeff Muhs Supernature

January:  Edie Nadelhaft Road Less Traveled


November:  Stephanie Hirsch Indestructible

October:  Fahamu Pecou Black Matter Lives

September:  Alex Couwenberg Left at 69's

July/Aug:  HUMNANNESS curated by Marc Dennis featuring artists Jose Anico, Steve Cope, Valeri Larko, Peter Roux and Mark Zimmermann

June:  Summer Sessions: Gallery Artists featuring new work by artists Chris Cosnowski, Michelle Doll, James Gortner, Mary Henderson, David Lyle, Cobi Moules, Edie Nadelhaft, Aaron Nagel, Fahamu Pecou, James Rieck and Cayce Zavaglia

May:  Anthony Adcock Marks of the Trade

April:  Jae Yong Kim Pop Goes the Donut

March:  James Austin Murray Super Massive Black Hole

February:  Cobi Moules New Kid on the Block

January:  Group Show Forethought


November:  Cayce Zavaglia About-Face

October:  Valeri Larko Location, Location, Location

September:  James Gortner Transformers

July/August:  UNLIMITED POTENTIAL curated by James Austin Murray featuring Chris Arabadjis, Alex Couwenberg, Erika Diehl, Jeanne Heifetz, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Suzanne Laura Kammin, James Little, Jeff Muhs, James Austin Murray, Helen O Leary, Duane Paul, Christopher Rico, Gayle Ruskin, Rodger Stevens, Artur Trojanowski and Mark zimmermann

June:  Stephanie Hirsch Awakening

April/May:  The MAYFAIR Exhibition featuring Chris Cosnowski, Michelle Doll, James Gortner, Mary Henderson, David Lyle, Cobi Moules, Angelo Musco, Aaron Nagel, Fahamu Pecou and James Rieck.

March:  Stephanie Buer Unknown Ways

February:  David Lyle Everyone's A Critic

January:  Michelle Doll Between Love and Me


November:  Jeff Muhs Slipstream and Jae Yong Kim Donut Rush

October:  James Rieck Color Safe

September:  Fahamu Pecou Pursuit of Happiness

July/August:  Group Show Summer Sessions

June/July:  Group Show Voyeur

May:  Aaron Nagel Fathoms

April:  James Austin Murray The Forgotten Meaning of Light

March:  Mary Henderson Sunday Paintings

February:  Group Show Seeking Engagement, N.S.A.

January:  Group Show MIA in MIA


November:  Stephanie Hirsch I'd Rather Die on My Feet Than Live On My Knees

October:  Cobi Moules Bois Just Wanna Have Fun

September:  Greg Haberny Burn All Crayons

July/August:  Group Show Summer Sessions

June:  Chris Biddy Mobile Uploads

May:  James Gortner The Lovers

March/April:  James Rieck On Location

February:  Group Show Retuning Reality

January:  Jeff Muhs The Origin of Nymphs


November:  Melodie Provenzano Rock Center

October:  Aaron Nagel Sovereign

September:  Fahamu Pecou All Dat Glitters Ain't Goals

July:  Group Show Dexterity

June:  Group Show Material Matters: Stephanie Hirsch, Rocio Infestas, Laura Ortiz Vega & Vadis Turner

April:  David Lyle Misbehaving

March:  Chris Cosnowski American Metal

February:  Group Show Resourced: The Influence of Photography on Contemporary Art

January:  Jazz-minh Moore Is That All There Is